SEOUL 1988

  • Date of Lighting: August 23, 1988
  • Colour of the torch: light yellow
  • Height: 50,5cm
  • Weight: 1000gr
  • Number of torches: 3.300
  • Number of torchbearers: 2.689
  • First torchbearer: Thanassis Kalogiannis (400m. hurdles)
  • Last torchbearer: Kim Won Tek
  • Countries crossed: Greece, South Korea
  • Kilometres: 15.250

Some 13 Olympic Torch designs were produced for the Games and the organisers finally chose the torch which had a wind resistance of 72 km per hour winds. People’s interest in the relay was as big as the number of Seoul’s organisers who attended the Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony in ancient Olympia. Some 37,011 people, five percent of which were women, had applied for the relay. Prospective torchbearers should be young, in good shape and permanent residents of the cities the Symbol of Peace would run across. Katerina Didaskalou was the High Priestess once again with Greece’s Thanassis Kalogiannis, a champion in the 400m hurdles, being the first torchbearer. Kalogiannis had also competed in the 1984 Los Angeles Games.

Seoul’s Kumsan monks, 12 mothers with their little babies in their strollers and women dressed in wedding clothes welcomed the Olympic Flame in Korea. It was the first time some 90 torchbearers chosen by the IOC, including 12 foreign journalists, took part in the relay’s Korean leg.

High Priestess