• Date of Lighting: July 28, 1972
  • Colour of the torch: silver
  • Height: 75cm
  • Weight: 1.350gr
  • Number of torches: 5.917
  • Number of torchbearers: 6.000
  • First torchbearer: John Kirkilessis (civilian)
  • Last torchbearer: Günter Zaan
  • Countries crossed: Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and Germany
  • Kilometres: 5.532

The relay, mainly its Mediterranean leg, was held in high temperatures, which some times reached 45 degrees. This resulted in torches running out of fuel faster than it was expected and their flame went out unexpectedly. In a bid to keep their flame burning, specialists put the torches into fridges but their effort failed. Finally, they modified the firing mechanism.

John Kirkilessis was the first torchbearer for the summer and the winter Olympics. Posters in seven different languages advertised the relay

High Priestess