Sarajevo 1984

The Games ran smoothly, giving no indication of the tragic war that would engulf the city eight years later. Skier Jure Franko claimed silver in the giant slalom to win Yugoslavia’s first Olympic Winter Games medal.

Memorable champions

In speed skating, Canada’s Gaétan Boucher and East Germany’s Karin Enke each won two gold medals. Norwegian biathlete Eirik Kvalfoss earned a complete set of medals, and twin brothers Phil and Steve Mahre of the US took first and second place in the slalom.

Historic performer

Marja-Liisa Kirvesmiemi-Hämäläinen from Finland became the only woman to have competed in six editions of the Olympic Winter Games. She dominated all three women’s cross country skiing events, winning by at least 10 seconds each time. She also won a bronze medal in the 4 x 7.5km relay.

A perfect bolero

British figure skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean mesmerised the judges and the world with their interpretation of Maurice Ravel's Bolero. The judges awarded them perfect scores across-the-board for artistic impression.

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