Squaw Valley 1960

When officials became unsure as to whether a skier had missed a gate in the men's slalom they asked CBS-TV if they could review a videotape of the race. This gave CBS the idea of inventing the now ubiquitous "instant replay".

No bobsleigh

The Games were preceded by a controversy when the Organising Committee refused to build a bobsleigh run because only nine nations had indicated an intention to take part, making 1960 the only time that bobsleigh has not been included in the Olympic programme.

Debuts and firsts

Men's biathlon and women's speed skating made their Olympic debuts. Frenchman Jean Vuarnet became the first skier to win a medal on metal skis, instead of the traditional wooden ones.

Memorable relay finish

Aged 35, Veikko Hakulinen had already won two gold medals, but his most memorable Olympic exploit was yet to come. As the anchor of the Finnish relay team, he took off 20 seconds behind Norway's Haakon Brusveen. One hundred metres from the finish line, Hakulinen took the lead, eventually winning by one metre and claiming gold for his team.

NOCs 30
Athletes 665 (144 women, 521 men)
Events 27

Ελληνικές Συμμετοχές: 0
Flag bearer: Dimas Pyrros
Team Captain: