Thalia Prokopiou

Thalia Prokopiou was born in Athens on June 28, 1972. She holds an actor’s diploma, magna cum laude, from the School of Dramatic Art of the National Theatre of Greece. Moreover, she is currently senior undergraduate student at the Department of Theatrical Studies of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens. She holds a diploma from the Department of Photography of the AKTO School of Graphic Arts and has been taking piano lessons for seven years at the National Conservatory. She speaks English and French fluently. Since she was a little girl she loved acting and never failed to participate in school performances. She once wanted to be a photographer but theatre prevailed. She has been working as an actress with the National Theatre of Greece, while also starring in various series on Greek television. First she was a Priestess and since Sidney 2000, a High Priestess. “I cannot describe my feelings during the Lighting Ceremony. It is unbelievable. It is not a theatre role, it is an outburst of the soul, it is something different. Even if we talk about it for days, I shall never succeed in conveying my feelings well”. Thalia Prokopiou was the High Priestess for the Summer Olympics of Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and the Winter Olympics of Salt Lake City 2002.