Lighting of the Olympic Flame

The Lighting of the Olympic Flame is held in Ancient Olympia and the Hellenic Olympic Committee is responsible for the Ceremony. The first Lighting took place in 1936 for the Berlin Olympic Games by the means of a concave mirror. According to the ritual, the High Priestess proceeds to the lighting at the Temple of Hera (Heraion) which is opposite to the Temple of Zeus, at the archaeological site of Olympia. There, the High Priestess, calls the God of Sun Apollo to light the torch, making a prayer. 

The torch of the Lighting Ceremony was a special commission from Juan Antonio Samaranch to Ilias Lalaounis, on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. The torch was delivered to the President of the Olympic Committee in a ceremony at Philoppapou Hill in 1992. Designer: Ilias Lalaounis Olympic Torch for the Olympic Flame Lighting Ceremony Date of Creation: 1992 Material: Sterling Silver The torch is inspired by the fluted shafts found on the columns seen on the temples of ancient classical Athens.