Dimitris Georgoulis


Dimitris Georgoulis was born on 14 May 1943 in Helioupolis, Attica. He studied to be a foreman - engineer and worked in the company VΕFΑ for 42 consecutive years. For years he was member of the Board of Directors of the company in question.

In 1971 he joined the Greek Mountaineering Club of Eleusis, where -because of his love for mountaineering and his generous nature, developed great activity in various areas, as a member of the club Board from 1979 to 1988, as vice-president from 1989 to 1991, while since 1991 until today he is the President of the Mountaineering Club of Eleusis. -

Jointly with the President of the Club Vaggelis Tsakos, he led the procedure for the construction and operation of a mountain refuge at Mt Kitheronas (1973-1982), while he proceeded to the construction of a second mountain hut on the top of Mt Kitheronas (1990-1994), and took care of continuous improvements and additions to the benefit of mountaineers.

He cooperated with the Municipality of Eleusis so that the Mountaineering Club of Eleusis could have new offices in a new residential construction from Vaggelis Tsakos Legacy.

He created the mountaineering library of the Mountaineering Club of Eleusis with over 3000 books.

For the period 1988-1994 he was Secretary General of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing. - (former EOOS). Since 1994 until today he is elected President of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing and Ath. Lefkaditis Legacy.

He worked with the previous President of the Federation Diomidis Hadjidis for the completion of construction works of the buildings of Ath..Lefkaditis legacy where the Hellenic Federation premises were relocated (two floors at 5 Milioni st., Kolonaki in Athens. He also worked with former Hellenic Federation Secretary General (1994-2004) Nikos Nezis for the reorganization and computerization of the Federation Office.

In his role as the President of the Federation, together with the relevant sports directors of Competition Climbing and Ski Mountaineering, he organised, monitored and resolved problems encountered in Competition Climbing (adopted in 1990) and Ski Mountaineering (adopted in 1992), both in domestic tournaments and competitions, and in international events organised in Greece: Competition Climbing World Cup 2000 and Ski Mountaineering Events (1996 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014).

He initiated the creation of climbing walls (since 1993 in Castella Piraeus, 1995 in Glyfada, etc.) for both the Federation and its Club members.

Mr Georgoulis organised the General Assembly of the U.I.A.A. in the premises of the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia (23-26 September 1999) and the Council Meeting in Athens (1990) and the meetings of the various UIAA committees (Thessaloniki 1990, Karpenisi 1991, Siatista 1992, Meteora 1994 & 1996, etc.).

He exploited the donations of books to the Federation and managed to create an exemplary mountaineering library - museum with over 10,000 titles of books and magazines, which was sponsored by the Federation, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Cosmote and the General Secretariat for Youth. All the material in the library is digitalised and the electronic catalogue is accessible on the Internet.

In 1995-1998 he participated in the National Tourism Council making proposals for the development of mountain tourism in Greece.

He cooperated with the Ministry of Tourism (GNTO), the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, the General Secretariat for Youth, Regions, municipalities and other organisations. The result of this cooperation was the inclusion in CSF (Community Support Framework) and ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) programs for the full refurbishment of many mountain refuges and the maintenance of sections of mountain paths, such as the European paths E4 & E6.

He cooperate with the General Secretariat for Youth, where he helped organise and implement the following programs, involving about 10,000 children & young people ( travel throughout Greece):
• Youth & the Mountain
• Skiing for young people
• Speleology
• 3 day mountain experience for young people
• Rafting
• 3 day yachting experience for young people

Following his combined action with the competent Ministries (Development / G.N.T.O., Environment, Energy & Climate Change) decrees and laws were voted and adopted mainly governing or regulating all aspects of mountain refuges and paths such as:

1. Act 3105/2003, article 40 (OJ 29Α/2003),
2. Act 4178/2013 (OG 174Α/2013),
3. Act 4179/2013 (OG 175Α/2013),
4. Act 4276/2014 (OG 155Α/2014),
5. Act 4280/2014, article 36 (OJ 159Α/2014),
6. Ministerial Decision 2868/2004 (OG 398Β/2004),
7. Ministerial Decision 23948/2015 (OG 2570Β/2015).

He participated in General Assembly & Council Meetings of the Union of International Alpine Associations (U.I.A.A.) for 17 years, while in the period 1994 - 2005 he was a member of the UIAA Board. He participated in the processes for the creation of the International Federation of Sport Climbing I.F.S.C and the International Ski Mountaineering Federation I.S.M.F.

He represents the Hellenic Federation in the Balkan Mountaineering Union - B.M.U. -

He is the author of the book "Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Eleusis 1962-2002", where, through the 160 pages of the book, he unfolds the history of the Association.
He is the co- author, along with N. Nezis, of the book "Olympos - Historic Album", 2017, 304 p. to be published soon.

Following his initiatives and action taken it became possible to finance and publish the following books:

1. Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and-Climbing 1930-2000 - by N.: Nezis (2000, p. 318)
2. The mountains of Attica - by N. Νezis (new edition 2002, 302 p.)
3. Bibliographical guide to the geography, nature and monuments of Greece - by N. Nezis
2002, 798 p.)
4. Olympos - by N. Νezis (new edition 2003, 317 p.)
5. Contribution to the history of Greek rock climbing 1913 - 1962 - G. Michaelides (2004, 124 p.)
6. The Mountains of Greece - Geographical Encyclopaedia - by N. Nezis (3 volumes, 1,180 p.)
Academy of Athens Award (2011)
7. Attica Toponymy Agglomerations - Monuments - Toponymy - by N. Nezis (2013, 350 p.)
8. Olympos The Mountain of Gods & Humans, by N. Nezis (2017, 280 p.) - to be published.

N. Nezis