Petros Synadinos

Architect - Town Planner

Dr Petros Synadinos was born in Patras in 1954 and studied Αrchitecture inItaly, Torino Polytechnic (1977).

He holds two Masters degrees: from the Athens Panteio University (in Regional Development, 1979) andfrom the University of New York (in Town Planning, 1983).He was awarded his doctorate (PhD)  by the University of the Aegean, Greece in 1996.The subject of his doctoral thesis was, “The Impact of Hosting the Olympic Games on Large Urban Centres”.


He has served as: Vice President of Board of Directors of the Greek Public Estate Corporation (KED) and of the Musical and Educational Organisation of Greece, member of the Board of Directors of the State Corporation of Town Planning and Housing (DEPOS), the Organisation for the Cultural Capital of Europe - Thessaloniki '97, the National Foundation for Returning Migrants, the Hellenic Football Federation, the Jockey Club of Greece, the Hellenic Equestrian Club, etc. He has also served as General Secretary at the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, and as Managing Director of the “ATHENS 2004” Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (2000).

Dr. Synadinos has been systematically involved in subjects related to the Olympic Games since 1986; first as a member of the Committee which assessed the designs and construction of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA) and then as assistant and associate of the late Professor G. Candilis and a member of the Co-ordinating Team which worked out the Official Candidacy Dossier of Athens for the 1996 Olympic Games.

He was also a member of the team, which prepared the Preliminary Dossier for Bangkok Bid (Applicant City) for the 2008 Olympic Games.

In 1996, he was head of the co-ordinating Team that prepared the Official Bid Dossier for the successful candidacy of Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games.

He also prepared the Bid Dossier for the Candidacy of Greece and Turkey to organise the EURO 2008 Football Championship, the Bid Dossier for the Candidacy of Patras to organise the Mediterranean Games of 2009 and the Athens Candidacy File for the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

He has organised and taken part in numerous conferences and seminars in Greece and abroad on topics related to the economic, social, environmental, administrative and town planning dimensions of the Olympic Games.

Several articles and papers by Dr Synadinos on subjects related to the Olympic Games, have been published in the Greek and foreign-language Press.

In July 2004 he published a book titled “A City Competes” which presents the efforts of Athens to undertake the holding of the Olympic Games, examining at the same time the phenomenon of the influence of the Games in transforming modern metropolises.

In 2016, the International Olympic Academy published the Monography he wrote in cooperation with Nikos Choutas (political and historical analyst of Panteion University of Athens), entitled “Economic and other effects of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. An overall assessment: Truths and Myths”.

He has also written a critical analysis for the Hellenic Open University, concerning the organization of Olympic Games in the ancient and modern world. 

He has attended all the winter and summer Olympics of recent years (from Seoul in 1988 to Rio in 2016).

Dr Synadinos was a member of the team led by Professor G. Candilis which prepared the study entitled “The Future of the Olympic Games” for and on behalf of the IOC in 1994.

On December 2015, the IOC awarded him with the “Pierre de Coubirtin” Medal, for his outstanding services to the Olympic Movement.

Today he is the Chairman of the BoDand Managing Director of “DECATHLON Project Planning & Engineering Consultants S.A.”, a company that has undertaken major projects for the Athens 2004 Olympic Venues, as well as other Sports Facilities in Greece and abroad (i.e. Croatia, etc).

He is also the Chairman of BoD of “Demetrios and Lillie Stavropoulos” Foundation, Member of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC), President of the Hellenic Archery Federation and Member of the BoD of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex.