Giorgos Lenos

He was born in Piraeus and from an early age his family moved to Athens. He completed his high school studies at the 1st Standard High School of Athens and then he graduated from the School of Law, Economics & Political Sciences of the University of Athens. He did postgraduate studies with scholarship from the University of Athens at the Faculty of Paris (Sorbonne) in Business Law, but eventually he became lawyer. He is a lawyer in the Supreme Court.Due to his sensitivity and interest about the ancient Greek Civilisation and philosophy, he later studied the department of Archaeology where he attended the courses up to last year's attendance, but he did not graduate due to lack of job prospects in this field.From 1970 to 1976 he was assistant (now a lecturer) and taught family law at the Law School of Athens University while the chair professor was the late George Michailidis Nouaros. He was the author of two legal labors entitled "The legal defects of the sale" and "The property of the minor" respectively. In 1975 he was advisor at the Hellenic Football Federation and Chairman of the Regulations Commission.From 1976 until today he is involved in the sport of equestrians participating in all the activities of the Federation and owns five horses. In addition in 1976 he was Vice President of the Equestrian Club (IGT) of Tatoi which is one of the major clubs in the promotion of the sport.From1987 to 2008 he was president of the National Equestrian Club of Tatoi and from 2008 until today he is President of the Equestrian Club of Northern Suburbs which is the largest and most important equestrian club in which indicatively houses one hundred horses of the frontline for the sport of equestrians. From 2001-2005 he was President of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation.

Has been very active in promoting and disseminating sports to the young people as he is a person with special sensitivities in this area. His activity is not limited in equestrians but he also dedicates much time of his daily life and career activity to this sport, while he has offered sponsorships for the development of the sport. He has done the same for many other organisations and social bodies.For his contribution to the sport of equestrians sport in general many clubs and equestrian associations as well as the Hellenic Equestrian Federation honored him and elected him at the senior positions as President - Vice President - Honorary President - Honorary member etc. From 2009 to 2012 he was elected member of the Hellenic Olympic Committee according to merit among sport personalities. Chairman of the Ethics Commission from 2009 until today.