The H.O.C. has as its statutory mission:

a) To oversee and act to ensure the development, furtherance and safeguarding of the Olympic Movement, sport, the spirit of sportsmanship and out-of-school physical education, within the scope of the principles of the Olympic Idea and the traditions of Hellenic Sport; to exercise supervision on the Olympic disciplines;

b) To see to it that the rules of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic Charter are properly interpreted and correctly applied;

c) To disseminate love for sport and respect for the spirit of sportsmanship among the young;

d) To organize, in liaison with the proper National Federations, the preparation of athletes and make, under its sole responsibility, the final selection of athletes who are to represent Greece at an Olympic or Mediterranean Games competition, as well as at such continental and transcontinental competitions as are held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee;

e) To oversee and inspect the organization of the above mentioned competitions, where such competitions are to be held in Greece;

f) To draft proposals addressed to the IOC concerning the rules of the Olympic Charter and their respective by-laws, the Olympic Movement in general as well as the organizing and the holding of the Olympic Games;

g) To co-operate with the Greek State as well as with public bodies or private establishments for promoting healthy sport policies;

h) To recommend to the Minister responsible for sport affairs having supervisory authority over the HOC any measures that might help the Committee fulfill its mission;

i) To administer and manage all sports facilities under its jurisdiction. In particular, to administer and manage the "G. Karaiskakis" stadium, the Athens Olympic Aquatic Center and the Athens Marble Stadium, including all facilities therein and appurtenances thereto as well as all surrounding public premises; moreover, to see to the maintenance of and attend to the facilities of the International Olympic Academy, and take all action necessary for the maintenance of the Olympic Museum at Ancient Olympia as well as any other sport facilities assigned under HOC jurisdiction. To look after the maintenance of the site of the Marathon Start. To be represented on the board of directors of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA), pursuant to article 17 of Act 2433/1966 (Gov. Gaz. 180A);

j) To take action to ensure the preparation, publication and distribution of special editions aiming at developing and promoting the Olympic Idea and the history of Olympism, out-of-school physical education and sport in general; to ensure furthermore that HOC information material and all sort of material in print be published and circulated to help fulfill the mission of the International Olympic Academy;

k) To establish a National Olympic Academy (NOA), whose mission shall include the diffusion of Olympic Education over the entire Greek territory. NOA shall form a special HOC commission on which personalities of renowned status may also sit par excellence, such members being designated and nominated by the Plenary Session of the HOC upon proposal submitted by the HOC Executive Board, the majority of the NOA members being nonetheless designated from among HOC members;

l) To attend to the performance of the Lighting Ceremony at Olympia on the occasion of the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, upon which ceremony the HOC has exclusive rights; furthermore, to attend to the performance of the same Ceremony on any other occasion, such occasions being subject to a resolution of the Plenary Session of the HOC