Olympic champion Anna Korakaki to start Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay

Friday, February 7, 2020 - 14:09

The Hellenic Olympic Committee has unanimously decided that the Olympic champion in shooting, Anna Korakaki will be the first Torchbearer at the Lighting ceremony of the Olympic Flame for the “Tokyo 2020” Olympic Games, on March 12, 2020 in Ancient Olympia.

The HOC Plenary Session approved the proposal of the Olympic Torch Relay Commission of the HOC and for the first time in history, a woman will carry the Olympic Light first, shortly after it will be lit by the High Priestess, Xanthi Georgiou.

Anna Korakaki won two medals at the “Rio 2016” Olympics, a gold in the 25m pistol. and a bronze in the 10m air pistol and has become a World and European champion.
"It's a great honor for me. I am thrilled and I think the feelings will get even more intense after that time in Ancient Olympia. I am looking forward to living that moment and I'm sure it will remain engraved in my mind and heart for the rest of my life" said Anna Korakaki.

During the same Session, it was decided that the last torchbearer, who will carry the Olympic Flame at the Panathenaic Stadium, on March 19, will be Katerina Stefanidi, gold medalist at the “Rio 2016”.

Stefanidi won the gold medal in pole vault and has been on the podium at all major athletic events, on European and world level ever since.

The HOC President and IOC member, Spyros Capralos, said about the selection of the two Olympic champions: “It is a historic moment as for the first time in history a female athlete will be the first Torchbearer. I believe that Anna Korakakis has honored the Greek flag and our country, and she deserves it, not only for the two medals at the Rio Olympics but also for her successes after 2016. I am happy also for Katerina Stefanidi, another amazing Greek athlete who shines in the sports word and we are proud of our continued success. Congratulations to both of our athletes”.

Anna Korakaki was also named Role Model for the “Buenos Aires 2018” Youth Olympic Games.