The Olympic Flame is in Ioannina

Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 00:11

The Olympic Flame will stay in Ioannina tonight, after the end of the second day of the Olympic Τorch Ρelay for the Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018. The journey of the Flame began in the morning of Wednesday from Patras and continued crossing the Charilaos Trikoupis bridge, offering the opportunity for impressive photographic highlights.

The welcome in Antirrio was impressive with the pupils of all the schools waiting for the Olympic Flame, at the sculpture of the runner which is displayed prominently at the site.

The Sacred Light arrived later in Nafpaktos where there was a wonderful welcome by the citizens. The sculpture that is dedicated to Giorgos Anemogiannis, a hero of the Greek revolution who set fire to hostile ships, connected perfectly with the torchbearer Georgia Troumbouki who carried the Flame on the pier of Nafpaktos harbour.

The Torch Relay continued until Messolonghi, where the central Square was once again flooded by hundreds of children who had the opportunity to witness the symbol of Olympism. The town of Agrinio was the next stop, where the former international basketball player Christos Myrionis kindled the cauldron in the central square of the city, while the town of Arta with its beautiful bridge was the perfect backdrop for the Olympic Flame.

Ioannina was the last stop of the day, where the cauldron was lit by the Olympic champion of rowing in Rio, Stefanos Douskos, who with the quadruple took the 6th place in the last Olympic Games. In every part of Greece, where a ceremony takes place, the Chairman of the Torch Relay Commission, Thanasis Vassiliadis and the representative of the Organising Committee address the public.

On Thursday, the third day of the Torch Relay, the Flame will begin its journey from Ioannina and after crossing Grevena and Kozani, it will end in Kastoria.