President's welcome message

The Olympic Flame, the timeless and message-filled symbol of Olympism, will be born once again in the Holy Land of Ancient Olympia. This time it will travel to Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, as a messenger of the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect without discrimination.

The Olympic Flame will once again inspire billions of people, bring the joy of sport and encourage people to get involved in sports. The organization of the Lighting Ceremony in Ancient Olympia and the Handover of the Flame in the Beijing delegation will strengthen the close relationship and ties between Greece and China, two countries with great heritage to the world and a long history.

Arriving in Beijing for the start of the Winter Olympics, the Olympic Flame will also send a message of hope, for the final victory of humanity against the pandemic that has plagued us for the last two years. I believe the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will feature great competitions held with safety, with the aim of protecting the health of all participants.

I want to wish good luck to the “Beijing 2022” Organizing Committee and I am sure that the organization of the XXIV Winter Olympic Games will be a point of reference for the Olympic Movement

Spyros Capralos

Hellenic Olympic Committee President, IOC Member