President's welcome message

It was with great joy that we welcomed the great performances of the Greek athletes in the Youth Olympic Games that were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The medal count for our country was the best in the history of the Youth Olympic Games with seven medals, three gold, one silver and three bronze. And this count positions Greece at the 24th place in the medal table, a strong proof that Greek sport has a bright future.


We must, however, all sport bodies, in cooperation with the state, embrace these kids and help with the difficult work they have ahead, in order to continue making all Greeks proud, with new distinctions in all top international competitions in which they will participate in the future.


We must all help so that this “golden generation” of Greek sport will not be wasted and will continue on the right track, the one they followed towards Buenos Aires.


The same concern and attention must be paid to our top athletes who continue their preparation for the Olympic Games of Tokyo. 2019 will be an extremely crucial year as it is a pre-Olympic year and many qualifications for the 2020 Olympic Games will be determined during this year.


We, at the HOC, continue the programme “Adopt and Athlete on the way to Tokyo”, in order to help as many athletes as possible find the support they need in their difficult preparation and to arrive in the summer of 2020 with a really big team that will travel to the Japanese capital city.


I am certain that the talent, the abilities and the inner strength of these athletes will make us cry with tears of joy and emotion at the Tokyo Olympic Games.




Spyros Capralos


President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee