President's welcome message

We are fast approaching the Olympic Games of Tokyo, with Greece taking part in the top world sports event full of dreams and expectations. It has always done so as of 1896 onwards.

Greek athletes won as many as 90 medals at the most important international sports events in the course of 2019. What better way for a country to glow at global level? At the same time, those medals are significant achievements which bear hopes and promises for further achievements this year, in Tokyo.

Qualifications for the Olympics are currently in full progress. Our aim and mission are that a strong team represents our country in the capital of Japan. The Hellenic Olympic Committee is thus keenly orientated to the qualification of as many athletes as possible.

In this context, HOC and I personally started the hard work right after the Rio Olympic Games and have kept up since then. It has been our top priority throughout this time period to create and secure favourable conditions for our elite athletes to train and prepare themselves as well as to participate in global events.

The program “Adopt an Athlete on the Way to Tokyo” is of benefit to the  members of our pre-Olympic team, providing them with substantial, comprehensive support (medical and dental care, fitness centres, educational programs promoting athletes’ dual career, performance enhancement scientific program, nutrition, transportation etc).

Moreover, during the year 2019 I had the great honour to be elected member of the International Olympic Committee for Greece. This came after a vacancy for this office for three and a half years. My election in this post certainly brings along joy, but also plenty of responsibility. It does drive me to keep up and intensify my efforts for the development and promotion of Olympism in Greece, for the benefit of all Greeks.


In addition, two important decisions were taken during 2019, both of them a real honour for Athens, which was selected by the International Olympic Committee as the host city for the IOC Session in 2021. During that Session, the IOC Members will also visit the cradle of Olympism, Ancient Olympia. Also in 2021, the Greek capital will be host to the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees. These two events will certainly bring Athens to the spotlight of global sport and Olympism!


Spyros Capralos

Hellenic Olympic Committee President