President's welcome message

It is not a personal victory of Spyros Capralos, it is a victory of Greek sport, a victory of our athletes who struggle in extremely difficult times and made us proud this summer in the Rio Olympic Games.
I am truly sad that specific colleagues did not participated in the electoral procedure, but they should know, as all the sports world should know, that we will move on united in everyone interests and we will do what we have to, to help sport. The quorum at the HOC, gave the Plenary Session the right to proceed with the elections according to the rules and the majority that was present elected me as President with 14 votes in 25 members.
I was really sad for everything that happened in Greek sport through courts of law, when Sports Federations, that have given us medals and great successes, were expelled from the electoral procedure, while just in the last week 4-5 Federations went to courts for reasons that I cannot explain. I want to believe that all that belongs now in the past and that we will go on for the interests of Greek sport.

Spyros I. Capralos
President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee