President's welcome message

Dear friends,
The big moment has come again. The Olympic Light for the Winter Olympic Games of 2018, which will be born today in the Greek sky, will illuminate the whole world, and of course, the Olympic City of PyeongChang.
In a few days, Ancient Olympia, together with its history and its legends will be symbolically living in this city of South Korea, host of the most important celebration of sport worldwide.
The Olympic Flame is traditionally lit directly by the sun rays, bringing together the modern Olympic Games with Antiquity.
It is indeed a unique opportunity for every visitor to witness the birth of the Olympic Light at the Temple of Hera, the starting point of the Olympic Games.
Despite a great geographical distance, strong bonds connect us, Greeks, with our friends from South Korea. I wish them every success! The warmest and most sincere wishes of all Greeks will be accompanying them throughout their long
journey from Olympia to South Korea.

Spyros Ι. Capralos

President of Hellenic Olympic Committee